How does the programme work?

The programme provides a free option for residents of Ealing or Blackburn with Darwen to divert accepted ‘hard-to-recycle’ waste from landfills or incineration by dropping them off at the available locations (see details below) for free. The programme accepts dental care products, Pringles® tubes, flexible coffee packaging, biscuit, cracker and snack wrappers. An exhaustive list is attached to this article, which may be downloaded.


Participating is easy! Simply:

  1. Collect the accepted products and packaging at home.
  2. Request a free shipping label from the relevant council's website. (Please note that you will need to submit one request for each type of packaging that you would like to recycle.)
    • For Ealing, please click on the link here
    • For Blackburn with Darwen, please click on the link here
    • You will receive five labels per request to make it more convenient for you and to minimise CO2 emissions from multiple shipments. Your labels will arrive in between 5-10 working days.
  3. Place your collected waste into a plastic bag with the recycling label affixed. Please ensure that you are using a separate bag for each waste type, as follows:
  4. Please visit your council's website for instructions on how to drop off your hard-to-recycle rubbish:
      • Ealing: At Greenford re-use and recycling centre, or at Northolt Library
      • Blackburn with Darwen: at Blackburn Household waste recycling centre, Darwen Household waste recycling centre, or at Blackburn Market.
  5. Your products, packaging and the bag will be sent for recycling and turned into new products!

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